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About Us

We came up with the idea for Double Glazing Kent, when deciding a few years back to move house and live in Kent. The house we bought needed double glazing throughout, and as we were new to the area we just didn’t know which companies to contact to quote us for this kind of work.

I have watched alot of those cowboy builder shows, where people have been left in the lurch with unfinished projects to contend with so was understandably nervous. Anyway after making lots and lots of calls and researching different double glazing companies this is such a time consuming process, I found a company that fitted the bill and did a great job.

I am sure you have heard about the horror stories, when dealing with tradesman. To give you an example just the other day, I heard a story from a friend where a company cold called and quoted over £25,000 to double glaze her house. That is a deposit to buy a house!!!

So decided to set this site up to help in getting honest, reputable upfront companies to quote you for the work.

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